First Baptist Church Lubbock
Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Are You Expecting?
We want to celebrate with you, because a new addition to your family is a new addition to our church family. During your pregnancy we would like to pray for you, invite you to a dinner, to introduce you to the preschool department, and be there to greet your new baby.
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Expecting Parent's Dinner
This is an opportunity for parents to meet other couples who will have babies the same age, as well as a chance to hear about the preschool department. During dinner, there is also a special time of prayer for the expected babies.
Baby Blessing
During the dinner, there is also a special time of prayer for the unborn babies. During this “Baby Blessing” we pray specifically for nine events in the child’s life:
  • The labor and delivery
  • The transition for any siblings
  • The first year: teething, colic, formula adjustment
  • The first day of school
  • The child’s teachers
  • The spiritual sensitivity and growth
  • The teenage years
  • The dating time
  • The spouse God may have for the baby
If you would like to participate in our next expecting parents' dinner, please Meredith.