Food Service

Our mission is to put the Kingdom of God as our first priority. In doing so, we will serve the people of First Baptist Church as if we were serving the Lord Jesus himself. First Baptist Church Food Service will be a channel in which the Lord will flow into the lives of the fellowship of believers. Many times in God’s word we read of people breaking bread together, even in the desert, God provided for the children of Israel by giving them food to eat. We believe that some of the most intimate times in the Bible have been times when family and friends gathered around the table for food and fellowship. First Baptist Church Food Service desires to keep the traditions of the Bible alive and active. We are not just a kitchen that provides food to hungry people. We are a ministry that uses food and the fellowship developed from gathering around it, to reach the world around us. We will know and understand that First Baptist Church is God’s house and it is a place where families and individuals alike can come and feel safe and secure, free to be themselves.

Our desire in the food service of First Baptist Church is to provide quality food and service at economical prices. Below are the current prices for meals.
 Wednesday Noon Lunch (11:30pm):
 Lunch Plate  $5.00
 Salad Bar  $2.00
 Wednesday Night Dinner (5:00pm)
Adult Dinner Plate $5.00
Kids Dinner Plate $2.50
Family of 5 or more $16.00
Salad Bar $2.00

We will provide the following to make sure this is followed with the highest of standards.