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Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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Welcome to Preschool!
The Preschool Ministry at First Lubbock is a great place to build foundations of faith. You’ll find lots of activities for your preschooler that will help them as they start to develop a spiritual understanding and you’ll find activities that will connect you with other parents.
Sunday School
9:30-10:45am (Birth through Pre-K)
Preschoolers will sing, listen to bible stories, play, create crafts, eat snacks and have a blast!
If you are visiting FBC Sunday school for the first time please visit the Welcome Desk in the foyer of the Activities Building. We look forward to meeting you and your children.
First Church
10:45 am - 12:15 pm (Four year olds & Pre-K)
Centered around worship and prayer-four year olds will experience Worship in the sanctuary until 11:30. Then they will gather in the First Church preschool room to have a Bible lesson and craft.

Indoor Playroom
For preschool ONLY! Climbing steps, tubes and slide, all indoors! Let your preschooler run "free" and play with friends in our enclosed, secure and air-conditioned playroom.
Outdoor Playground
Another area for preschool only, the outdoor playground features artificial rubber-padded turf, trains, cars, space ships, and a few tire swings. The outdoor playground is gated with direct access only through the preschool classrooms and playroom.
Outdoor Playground
Nursing Room
A comfortable, relaxing place for mom and baby to nurse with rockers and easy access to changing tables, restroom, drinks and snacks for mommy.
Nursing Room
The Corral
A meeting and hangout for parents of preschoolers, located on the first floor of the Activities Building. Used for watching the services on TV, having meals, parties or meetings.
T2MOMS is a Bible Study for moms of any age child. It is a time to meet other moms who have the same ups and downs, victories and struggles. We have a special place at the table for any mom desiring to connect with others.
Contact Juli, Elisa, or Meredith for more information.

Parent's Night Out
Kid's Night Out
Babies through 5th graders will enjoy a night of fun on the first floor of the Activities Building on the Preschool hall. The cost is $7 per child, with a maximum of $20 per family. Money is due the Sunday before the event to reserve your spot. The cost includes pizza and a drink for each child.
Contact Elisa for more information.

Are You Expecting?
We want to celebrate with you, because a new addition to your family is a new addition to our church family. During your pregnancy we would like to pray for you, invite you to a dinner, to introduce you to the preschool department, and be there to greet your new baby. More
Family Dedication
The commitment you make to raising your child in a home centered around Christ’s love and teachings is one you can begin from the time your child enters the world. If you would like to make this commitment public, we offer to you a time of Family Dedication.
Contact Meredith for more information.

Our Vision
Where our mission is to partner with parents in shaping the hearts of preschoolers for eternity.
What Can You Expect?
A safe, healthy and clean environment where you child will learn about Jesus, have lots of fun playing with friends and developing a foundation for spiritual growth for the rest of their lives.
Teachers & Curriculum
Your child is special to us here at FBC Lubbock. We believe that preschoolers are able to learn about Jesus, so we have set up their Sunday school classes to teach them in the ways they learn best. We teach through games, group time, drama, music, prayer time and other proven methods. Preschoolers hear about important topics from God’s love to the significance of family. Using age-appropriate curriculum, preschoolers are taught by teachers who love serving Jesus by teaching children.
Clean Surfaces & Diaper Changes
All toys are washed, disinfected, and checked to make sure they are not broken. Every crib sheet is changed before and after each use. Special care is taken with diaper changing and disposal. When your baby needs to be changed, the teacher uses antibacterial soap before and after each diaper change along with rubber gloves. The station is cleaned with Lysol after each change of each baby. A sticker is placed on your baby’s diaper so that you can see that he was changed.
Background Checks
Every teacher has had a background check, a name badge, and continues training throughout the year so that they can be the best teacher possible. 
Label All Items
It is important that all of your child’s belongings be labeled with his or her name. Put a name or initials on your diaper bag, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, wipe boxes, blankets, and anything else your child may need on Sunday morning. If you forget to do this at home please stop by the table in the baby suite where we have Sharpies and other labeling items for your convenience.
Contacting Parents
Our infants are cuddled and rocked and prayed for with love. We do not leave children to “cry it out” – if your child does cry, we will do everything we can to calm and reassure them. The more consistent you are in bringing them to church, the quicker your child will feel comfortable in their class. We will also take your mobile phone number in case of an emergency. If you will keep your phone on silent, we will call you if your child needs you.
Dropping Off At The Door
We ask that all parents and siblings remain in the hallway when dropping off or picking up their child. This is not only to keep the learning environment free from distractions, but to also cut down on the dirt and germs brought in.
Security Check In Kiosks
When you check in your child at one of the four kiosks in the hall, you are given a security sticker. A child is not to be released to anyone without a security sticker. If you have misplaced yours, we will ask to see a Drivers License to prove your identity. We ask that parents remain in the hallway when dropping off or picking up their child to keep the learning environment free from distractions.
Healthy Preschoolers
For the health of everyone, we can only accept your child when he or she is well. We are not able to accept any child with a cold, fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea or any other signs of illness. If your child has been ill, please wait until they are well before bringing them back to Sunday school.
Interested in helping or have a question? Send us a message.
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